We feel that it is imperative for our visitors and members to understand the following:

You may see tools, materials or services used in ways the manufacturers and providers never intended.  This could be especially true for older tools, materials and services that were available prior to many of the safety and consumer protection regulations governing proper electrical grounding, the use of eye protection, the use of breathing and face masks and breathing apparatus, head protection, safety harnesses, shields and guards, gloves or protective footwear, and/or clothing of some type appropriate for specific tasks.  The passing of time has exposed more risks with certain tools, materials, services, or procedures than originally known or thought to exist.  Remember, safety is always first.

You must also understand that Mike DeZinno, America’s Blind Tradesman, is a nationally, as well as internationally, recognized highly-skilled tradesperson.  He has worked in many different trades with over 50 years of hands-on experience, giving him much personal experience that most people blind, or sighted, most likely wouldn’t have.

Furthermore, he was born legally blind and, as such, he doesn’t make any claim to have an understanding of the sighted world and, though he tries his best to explain some of the subtle details of his discovered tricks and self-taught procedures, the explanations may not be complete enough to accurately convey to sighted people all one may need to know to achieve the same results and to be working with optimal safety and/or efficiency.  The same does hold true for others sharing information; their greater experience or their lack of experience may be an important factor when determining whether or not anyone should attempt to reproduce any particular tip, trick, or suggestion they might share in one of our presentations or forums.

You must use your own common sense when attempting to imitate any and all of the tips, tricks, and innovations you see others doing on this website and/or discussing in our forums.  And, as always, in the areas where you are not confident or competent, we strongly recommend that you seek the assistance of those professionals who are qualified to assist you in those areas.

Safety is always first, and it is our sincere desire that your visits to “I Love My Tools” and “America’s Blind Tradesman” continue to remain fun, informative and helpful.

As always stay safe, stay productive, and keep on loving your tools.

Mike DeZinno

“America’s Blind Tradesman”

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