Hear From Those Mike Has Helped

I first met Mike DeZinno in the Fall of 1996 at a seminar for a home business I was starting. I am not a college graduate and had not been in the workforce, so a home business seemed my only alternative. My family was in a financial strain at the time, which necessitated my looking for a way to contribute to our family’s income even though I was very committed to staying at home to raise our 5 children. He was the keynote speaker and equipped the audience to overcome most of their obstacles to success. I had the good fortune to be able to spend some time with him privately afterwards, during which time his advice enabled me to achieve a level of income surpassing the majority of those working with that company. Over the years, Mike kept in touch with me and through his mentoring, my sales organization produced half a million dollars of business a year, and I personally produced about $90,000 per year myself. He was instrumental in a major positive business repositioning I accomplished about a year ago based on his analysis of future economic trends and how it would impact me financially if I stayed with my current company. Based on his advice and his guidance, I began with a new home business and created a larger income in 9 months than I had been able to build in 9 years with my former company. “He has been an incredible mentor for me with his acumen and guidance.”

~Marybeth Green, Kentucky

“Mike DeZinno succeeds in life because he relishes every challenge, knows how to focus his talents, and values the power of hope. Mike DeZinno succeeds in helping others with their lives because he assists them in tapping into the great strengths they already have and finding the courage to develop those they are lacking.”

~Dr. William G. Faraclas
Professor and Chair
Department of Public Health
Southern Connecticut State University

“I have had a number of opportunities to witness Mike fielding questions in front of both large and small audiences. At first I was struck by the vast intellectual capital Mike can bring to bear on any given situation. But more impressive to me was how he could make others aware of the larger potential of their own resources as he moved them to a solution for their own challenges.”

~Larry Depte
Past President of Philidelphia Records International
During his reign, PRI was one of the top 10 African American owned businesses in America

The thing that impressed me most about Mike DeZinno is that he actually listened and truly cared about my success. He has so much common sense and life experience that he was able to understand the nature of my business and the personal challenges I was experiencing on a daily basis. Thanks to Mike, I am better focused, more enthusiastic, and very optimistic. He is one of America’s great success stories.

~Brian Schneider, President
Wellness Life Systems Corporation​

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter expounding on the abilities and capabilities of Mike DeZinno. In January of 1999, Mike and I met at a seminar when I was the business manager for a nationally known motivational speaker. Mike attended with more than fifty people with whom he was working on a daily basis, all of whom wanted to know more about relationship selling. Mike worked closely with the speaker, giving him specific insights regarding the needs of each of the fifty plus individuals, which enabled the speaker to give personalized instruction that ultimately was of greater value to each of them. In the months to come, I watched as Mike motivated this group and others to achieve goals that were heretofore unattainable for them. His knowledge in so many business and sales-related areas is amazing. I am sure Mike knows that I constantly use him as an example of what one person can accomplish, even if he or she has a seemingly insurmountable obstacle like being blind. Mike DeZinno is a great motivator and a tremendous businessman with great insight. I have tremendous admiration and respect for his accomplishments and I take great pleasure in calling him my friend.

G & A Label. Inc.​

As the president of a twenty-year old national corporation, I face enormous challenges everyday. I have to be focused, clear, and responsive to the daily needs of my franchisees in order to be successful. Mike DeZinno was extremely patient, caring, and sensitive to the needs of my company. He was in tune with not only meeting the bottom line, but understanding the people in my company, whom I consider to be invaluable.

~Mike D’Apolito, President
Beverly Hills Weight Loss and Wellness, Inc.​

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