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Welcome to “Anyone Can Win”

The straight-talking, fact based, Entrepreneurial Training Program, that is rooted in reality.

The truth is not that people don’t succeed because they never had any problems; They succeed because they mastered the skill of gorilla problem solving and how to martial and deploy resources quickly and effectively.

A personal note from Mike DeZinno, “America’s Blind Tradesman”:

I would like to personally invite you to watch my “Anyone Can Win Introduction Video”

If what I say makes sense to you, then your next step would be to join my crew to receive my weekly e-mail updates letting you know when I post additional videos that will address the various problems I’ve had to overcome being blind and self-employed, using some way out of the box thinking, with some very creative strategies.

Maybe some of my personal experiences that I will be sharing in upcoming videos might help you solve some of the problems that have been keeping you from breaking through to your own ultimate success.

Stay safe, Stay productive, and Keep Winning!


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  1. Great Video. Can’t wait for the Entrepreneurial sessions to start

    1. Me either! Very excited!!

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