How To Jack Up a House

After all the rain we have had around the country this past year many structures will have shifted or sunk into the ground.  This is especially true in those areas where the soil is soft sand, like on the coastal plains, or where there is poor drainage. This can cause unchecked erosion, like on hillsides or low lying areas that tend to stay muddy long after the rain has stopped.

The excessive water has also created a perfect storm of conditions for every known species of wood eating bug.

For sure there will be tens of thousands of structures where the first step of the repair will be to jack it up.  Mike shows a few tricks he has learned over the years to keep the jacking process safe, accurate, and simple.  The good news is you don’t have to be blind to use his methods to get great results! LOL

Watch the video below to learn how I go about jacking up a house!

Products or materials featured in this post:20 ton hydraulic jack Assorted wood and steel

Shims of different thicknesses

8” concrete blocks

4” thick concrete cap blocks

Pressure treated 2” x 6” lumber

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  1. Very helpful. Thanks for the details.

    1. Our pleasure. You are entirely welcome. If you need any more help with this project, please reach out to us.

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