College vs the Trades

Welcome to the “Million Job Movement”
Our mission is to help 1,000,000 Americans find a rewarding, high paying, career.

Only 26% of Americans go to college but don’t despair. Millions of the 74% who don’t will actually have greater lifetime earnings and have a greater potential to create personal wealth.

They discovered one of the best kept career secrets and then made one simple decision that made that possible.

Watch this video and you will be one of the most informed Americans with a real plan to win the game of life while earning more than most.

Imagine, right out of high school without experience earn more than minimum wage;
Imagine if one of you could stay home to raise your children;
Imagine owning your own home, free and clear before age thirty;
This and much more is possible!

I invite you to join my crew to learn this secret and more;

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