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Welcome to the “Million Job Movement”

Our mission is to help 1,000,000 Americans find a rewarding, high paying, career.

There is a class of people who have done all the heavy lifting in every great society all through history.

This is true even today, but now, even though they are responsible for most of what we have come to count on to maintain our high standard of living they aren’t given proper credit for that.

In fact, many times today they are actually demeaned and looked down upon and considered to be a lower social class.

Hopefully after millions have scene this video they will be given the respect they deserve.

I invite you to join my crew to learn this and more;

A bonus for members of my Crew;

Just so you won’t be driven nuts any more when you hear a particular piece of music!

Go to the “411-911 Discoveries” and look for the entry with the word “Fanfare” in the title.

Even though you have probably heard it a thousand times you will finally now know what it’s really called.

Become an agent of change You can help someone else by letting them know about “The Million Job Movement:

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