Anyone Can Win: Resourcing Part 3

Welcome to “Anyone Can Win” the Entrepreneurial Training Program, that believes that anyone can win if they will learn a few simple truths and put them into action.

This video is the third in a series of six videos that teaches the must know skill of “Resourcing.”

All successful entrepreneurs at some point early in their careers realize they must master the skill of resourcing.
Part of the skill of resourcing is to learn how not to be limited by circumstances or by others who want to then pigeonhole you or label you because of those circumstances.
Mike learned as a child that him being blind was just a circumstance and he couldn’t allow that to define who he was as a person. He also learned to not allow others to determine his abilities or his value based upon their perception of the limitations they believed he must have because he was blind.

Until our next video;
Stay safe, Stay productive, and Keep Winning!
Mike DeZinno,
America’s Blind Tradesman

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