Show 1: I Love My Tools: the Radio Show

This is the first show in the series and the official launch of “I Love My Tools the Radio Show.” Hosted by Mike DeZinno, “America’s Blind Tradesman”.

In this first episode, listeners get to meet Mike and hear his vision for ILMT.

Mike wants to build ILMT as the national gathering place to celebrate and pay tribute to the millions of hard working tradespeople who built America and keep it running!

Mike shares his business strategies and details some of his successful ventures. He also speaks on what the school of hard knocks taught him from his less productive endeavors. LOL.

One of the key concepts Mike feels the general public should be made aware of is that, most of the time, if you go into a trade, you can earn as you learn; no need to go into massive debt. So Mike and his first guest, David Meola, discuss the many career opportunities in the trades versus the conventional wisdom of the day, which states that going to college is the only path to carving out your slice of the “Great American Dream.”

Mike and David discuss different strategies to work your way into any trade you might want to explore. This discussion includes specific techniques to work your way into the marine industry, as well as how quickly you can get yourself into the world of trucking.

As Mike says, “Don’t let anyone tell you the Great American Dream is dead, because it’s not.”

His success as a highly skilled tradesman, blind or not, has proven that to the thousands of people who have seen what he can do and who have been inspired by his many victories!

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Listen to part 1 of 2: 

Listen to part 2 of 2:

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