Show 4: I Love My Tools the Radio Show

The Politicians are promising millions of new jobs! But are you qualified to get one?

In this episode, Mike continues with his theme about the new high paying jobs all the political candidates are claiming they can create if they are the one elected, because they have the magic formula to reignite the American economy.

All the campaign promises aside, the important question each American worker looking to move up their personal career ladder should be asking himself is: Am I going to be ready to fill one of those “new high paying jobs” and, if not, what should I be doing now to get qualified for one of those positions?

You can hear Mike and his guest, Mr. Daniel Rich, President of “True North Lazer” and founder of the “Oregon Original Company,” a cutting edge leader and innovator in the exploding Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) industry, discuss this very topic.

Mr. Richer is not merely your typical computer geek, but a highly skilled tradesman in several disciplines. It was that personal hands-on experience that revealed to him where the world of CNC could help him in his own companies, when finding skilled labor became a problem.

CNC soon will have moved into every shop based trade. Mike’s prediction is that it won’t stop there and soon it will be on the road coming to your home or office when you need on site repairs. Remember you heard it here first! LOL

Also, consider yourself warned that Mike and Daniel are old friends, so you should expect, now and then, a few personal stories from them that they just might throw into the conversation that will give you a laugh or two.


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